Some people are overweight. Well, that’s an understatement. A lot of people are overweight, and you don’t have to go many days without some story coming out about fat, sugar or the growing laziness among society.

On the flip side, you also hear about body transformations. And when we saw Phil, a Matrix customer, and hugely nice and humble guy, we had to tell his story.

So we caught up with Phil to find out about his training, his weight loss diet and everything that helped him to knock of 50kg in a year.

So Phil, tell us a bit about yourself.

I am from Wales, obsessed with cars, bikes, music and film. I am a videographer myself and film car shows and events for an American based company. I play drums and have for about 7-8 years now also guitar for about 10 years. I am a very outgoing kind of guy and friendly I’d like to think haha. I don’t often get angry at all and my friends are shocked if I do. I love travelling and just generally being outside since losing the weight.

Before and after

How did you get in the shape you were in?

Well ever since I was young I have always been known as “Big Phil”. Weight for me has always been a struggle and more often than not it is gaining not losing. Last year I got into a very relaxed routine of driving to work, driving home and then just sit all night and eat. Over time I didn’t even notice, neither did my friends that I was gaining so much fat day by day.

And what triggered the need to change?

One day I was shopping around Cardiff, which if anyone knows has loads of shops! Basically I tried every shop around possible and just could not find any size that fitted at all. I had to resort to online shopping from America to make sure I had big enough size clothes. I also then decided that weekend to weigh myself and my scales go to 22 stone. I flew past that mark and it just kept going. I knew roughly I weighed between 23-24 stone and it just set me in to massive depression which I had to do something about.

Phil hulton before and after
The image that went viral!

What was your diet like during your body transformation?

My diet during my transformation has been very strict. I started off by cutting out bread, butter, cheese, sauce, salt on anything, sugar as much as I could. I had no snacks whatsoever and said no to everything I was offered. During this past year though I had almost every Friday a medium pizza to myself. I would put low fat cheese on, thin crust and change bbq for tomato.

And your training?

I followed Steve Cook’s big man on campus for about 3 months straight and it was amazing help! Just having pictures of what I needed to do each day made it so easy. After that I started following a few other people who inspired me like John Glaude (Obesetobeast). In more recent times now I have made my own workout which I follow and change It up every 2 weeks and love the drop sets. Drop sets have become my best friend haha!

And did you take any supplements?

I did take CLA for a while and will be going back on them soon. I have always used Matrix Diet Whey Protein, Matrix Night Shredder. I tried Matrix T5-XT extreme fat burners also for about 2 months.

Loads of people like you, try and fail to do what you have. So what tips would you have for them?

My biggest help for me was following other people who had been through transformations. The more I saw that other people could do it, the more I believed I could do it and I forced that into my head. The first few weeks are the hardest, but after 3 months in and I did my first comparison photo and couldn’t believe the difference I noticed and it got me so excited for the next 3 months!

How would you combat the growing obesity problem in the UK?

I feel by people sharing stories of transformation and weight loss as much as possible and show it can be done, I believe it could honestly motivate many others to do the same. The more who see results are possible, the more will try. I like to hope so anyway.

And finally, Rocky or Predator?

Predator for me every time! Arnie is just a god and my absolute idol ha!