Don’t throw away those sweets just yet

Love it or hate it, Halloween is upon us. That means a stockpile of sweets for trick or treaters, and an abundance of reduced sweets in the next few weeks.

So how do you keep your diet healthy over this ghoulish period?

Laura Mechem explains.


It is difficult to learn to eat clean and train consistently, it can take a while to get used to and in the beginning you may find yourself cheating on a near daily basis. Halloween makes that even harder!

I personally have days where all I crave is something sweet, something that is pure sugary bliss and not “clean”.

Saying no to bad foods is about exercising willpower! But the more you do it, the easier it gets.

Cheaters prosper

Look forward to your cheat meal and remember to enjoy it!

Whilst eating clean will reduce fat stores, feed your muscles and improve your health, it’s also an idea to cheat.

This does not mean eating whatever you like every other day, but once a week when your training and clean eating is stable, it can shock your body.

It has been shown that your insulin will spike and leptin levels can rise, resetting the effectiveness of your clean diet and training regime.

Leptin is the hormone which regulates the amount of body fat you carry. By indulging in a cheat meal of carbohydrates and sugars, it is possible that your leptin level will rise in response to an insulin spike. This allows your body to continue burning fat and respond effectively to your training.

Tips for Halloween Indulgence

•Train early morning or fit in a workout before the “Trick or Treaters” start
•Tell yourself it is allowed and treat any indulgence as your “cheat”
•Eat a normal on planned meal before and after, do not skip normal meals
•Plan a workout for the next day, I always like to train legs after a cheat meal as I feel as if I have extra energy due to the extra glycogen in my muscles
•Get back on track- prep the next day’s meal ready to resume your clean eating regime.
•Don’t let one cheat meal turn into a cheat day!

Happy Halloween!