“Music is the food of life” so goes the saying (more or less), but we think it’s the fuel.

After creating our best alternative workout songs of 2015, we thought we’d take a look at Spotify, and see what would we could find!

Which one is your favourite?

10. Workout

If you like pop, you will like this playlist. Full of songs you’ll recognise, with the usual chart suspects, this just makes the top 10 on the basis we had to include at least some pop music! You can know squat to Nicki Minaj, yay!

9. Heaviest Hits Throwback Workout

If you are a lover of noughties music, then you presumably don’t like music all that much. However, it’s hard not to enjoy this list. Featuring Outkast, Kelly Clarkson and Destiny’s Child, you’re sure to be dancing on the treadmill. It has R Kelly in it, so it automatically gets in on that anyway. The name of the playlist is a bit misleading.

8. Workout Remix

Make workout songs even better (or worse), and transform previously calm and relaxed tunes into something like a pre-workout drink! It comes in at number 10, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a go. One for pop fans, and the experimenters alike!

7. Indie Workout

Fans of bands that begin with “The” rejoice. If you like guitar, but aren’t quite into headbanging, then the rhythmical tunes of the The Strokes, The Killers The Black Keys and more will have have you lifting, running and moving to the joys of a 4/4 beat.

6. Punk Rock Workout

Punk Rock is four things. Angry, fast, simple and it doesn’t last very long. At around an hour and a hlaf of high paced rage, this playlist should hopefully help you unleash that raw energy you need.

5. Extreme Metal Workout

For the uninitiated, this playlist might be a bit too much. Behemoth for instance, are not for the light-hearted. So start with Slipknot, who are probably one of the softest bands in the list, and work you way up to Meshugah. Anger, speed and unrelenting noise is sure to give you the focus to smash your PBs.

4. Adrenaline Workout

Similar to the Supplement Centre Ultimate Rock Workout Playlist, you’ll see a lot of nu-metal, a lot of rock and not much of anything you can say is calm! Spot on!

3. Electro Workout

Electronic music comes in many shapes and sizes, and each and every type is always at home during a circuit training session. High BPM, odd noises and a lot of energy. Simple but effective.

2. Cool Down

Those who train, know that what you do outside of your time working out is just as important, if not more important, than your time actually doing the business. So here is a relaxing collection of tunes, that will help you relax, on your road to recovery.

1. Heroic Workout

We love a good action film, we love a good soundtrack, and, as evident by our work on this post, we love a good playlist. This encapsulates all of that, and also helps you workout. Man of Steel, Avengers and Transformers all lend a song to this collection. Truly inspirational scores.