Gaining weight is, for some, one of the hardest things to do in the world of bodybuilding. You eat, eat, and eat some more but to no avail. So, what’s going wrong?

well, there are many common mistakes that occur for those who are trying to gain some serious mass.

And here they are…and how to fix them.

Eating poor quality food

THE PROBLEM: A lot of people will just grab anything they can, that means sugar filled cookies, cans of Coke and basically anything that you have been told is bad for you!

Yes, you will gain weight, but it won’t be healthy. ‘Dirty bulking’ isn’t really a good idea, mainly because it means bad fats and a lot of sugar. This can impact on your health, on your teeth and lead to more serious issues such as diabetes.

THE FIX: Always focus on quality, not quantity. Staples such as potatoes and rice are still better than chocolate bars and fatty burgers.

Not eating enough food

THE PROBLEM: As we said, gaining weight is hard. For some, it feels nearly impossible. You may think you are eating a lot, but for some, especially those who are skinny, need way more calories than the usual person.

In fact, it all comes down to what body type you are. There are endomorphs, mesomorphs and ectomorphs. The first of these, the endomorphs, are of a natural heavy weight, and will have to eat less to gain weight.

Mesomorphs will find it easier to gain and lose weight while ectomorphs will have to eat a lot to to gain weight.

THE FIX: First you need to use a BMR Calculator to find out your basal metabolic rate. This is the number of calories you would need to consume if you did nothing all day. Then you need to multiply this by your PAL (physical activity level). Then, you need to make sure you are over that calculation; then you will start gaining weight. If you are struggling to hit the calorie target, that is where a weight gainer should be used.

Getting your macros wrong

THE PROBLEM: So many people message us thinking that protein is all they need, for everything. Yes, protein is the building block of muscle, but you can’t gain weight by just eating steak, or just drinking protein shakes. Fat and carbs give you energy and are key for building muscle and gaining weight.

Eating too much of one thing can have a negative effect on your health and on your goal of gaining weight.

THE FIX: Use a tool, such as ‘myfitnesspal’, to calculate the exact ratio you need, and then factor that into your calorie intake.

And a bonus tip…

This one is simple. When you exercise, you burn calories. So though you want to stay in shape, you don’t want to burn away all the calories you have consumed that day. Plus, when you’re resting, you eat! so plan at least two rest days a week.

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