Knowing what supplements to take, and why, can be very confusing. So we have decided to come up with a foolproof set of guides on what each supplement does, and the benefits as well.

We start with glutamine. Usually sold as a recovery supplement, it is an amino acid and, in simple terms, it pushes nitrogen into muscle cells. This nitrogen is then synthesized which helps muscles repair, and the building of muscle mass.

Glutamine use explained

Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid which means, in certain circumstances, the body is unable to produce enough stores to meet its needs. Research has shown that your natural glutamine stores can be decreased by up to 50% after prolonged intensive exercise.

When the body is in a low glutamine condition, numerous important physiological functions can be negatively affected, including muscle protein synthesis, growth hormone production, digestive health and immunity and antioxidant function.

Why maintain a good glutamine intake?

  • Help maintain muscle mass
  • Improve natural immunity by fueling white blood cells
  • Can aid in the recovery of muscles post workout
  • Helps to boost muscle growth, as well as protein synthesis
  • Fights against catabolism (muscle breakdown)
  • Can increase both the release, as well as the production of muscle building growth hormone

L-Glutamine is an amino acid which possesses multiple benefits to athletes and fitness buffs. It plays an active role in muscle cell volumisation, enhances the anabolic environment of the body and has been shown to improve the immune system in addition to accelerating the recovery from intense physical exercise. Glutamine has also been associated with improving fat loss through the regulation of blood sugar levels.

How and when to take glutamine

Glutamine is best used as a recovery supplement. This is because after an intense session of weight, running or any physical exercise, your body has used large amounts of its energy stores. This means you can fall into a catabolic state, which can cause muscle damage and the associated DOMS that come with it.

By having a good amount of glutamine in your system, you are giving your body the best chance to recover.

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