Believe it or not, Christmas is only a matter of weeks away now, which means that gift shopping season is officially underway. If you’ve got someone in your life that lives and breathes the gym, we’ve got you covered with our guide to the perfect stocking fillers for fitness fanatics.

1. Matrix Gym Bag

A brilliant addition to any gym-goers armoury, the Matrix gym bag is ideal for carrying clothes, towels, protein, supplements and so much more. With an adjustable & removable shoulder strap, 20 litre capacity and heavy duty zips, carting your gym equipment around has never been easier!

2. Limited Edition Shaker

Featuring a screw top and lid, and an advanced mixer grid, the stylish black and gold Matrix limited edition shaker is perfect for mixing protein shakes on the go.

3. Weightlifting Belt

The Matrix weightlifting belt has the ability to increase the working weight in your lifts by 10-20%, and is ideal for squatting, deadlifting and benching. Featuring a 4-inch padded support for maximum support and comfort when lifting, this is one for the serious weightlifters out there!

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4. Matrix Performance Gym Straps

If you know someone who wants to hit more reps, smash more sets and master heavier weights then Matrix performance gym straps are the ideal gift. Constructed from high quality, super-tough woven fabrics, and featuring padding to maximise comfort, they are ideal for a variety of lifting techniques.

5. Crunchy Peanut Butter

An all-natural source of high protein, Matrix crunchy peanut butter is an extremely versatile food that supports numerous training and health goals, including fat loss. Both gluten free and vegan, it’s ideal for the health-conscious gym-goer.

6. Protein Flapjacks

Whether it’s fat loss, building lean muscle or gaining mass – we’ve got a protein bar to compliment every training goal. Available as singles, or as packs of 24, Matrix protein flapjacks are the ideal pre or post workout refuel snack.

7. Rage 3.0 Rampage

Available in four epic flavours (blue raspberry, bubblegum, citrus orange & fruit punch) Rage 3.0 Rampage is the pre-workout everybody is shouting about. Providing every cell of your body with the energy and drive to smash those PB’s and produce serious gains, this supplement is perfect for any weight training enthusiast.

8. Alpha Bottle XXL

Hydration is key to any workout regime, and with a huge 2.4L capacity the Matrix Alpha Bottle XXL is the ultimate accessory to keep you well-watered. The premium design ensures no bad smells, is easy to clean and lets you mix your aminos effortlessly. Available in either clear or smoke.

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