Whether you’re just starting off on your fitness journey, or are a dedicated gym-goer, there are a certain set of rules that need to be followed. Our list below will help you maintain correct gym etiquette, and stop you from being ‘that’ person.

1. Bring A Towel (And Use It)

Not only is it pretty grim to leave a sweat patch behind where you’ve been working out, but it’s even worse to get to a piece of training equipment and find a puddle of someone else’s sweat. Gyms are potentially some of the most germ-ridden places you can go to, and one recent study found that 63% of gym equipment showed the presence of rhinovirus (common cold), with weight-lifting equipment more affected than cardio machines. So make sure you bring a towel to clean up after yourself and, if need be, after others.

2. Always Ask

Don’t just walk up and grab a weight plate from the rack someone else is training nearby. Not only is it rude, but it can be dangerous as you could potentially knock somebody who is squatting or bench pressing whilst they are under a heavy weight. If you need something from an area somebody else is using, just ask.

3. Don’t Hog Equipment

Staying at one station for half an hour at a time isn’t fair on other gym users – particularly during peak times. Bear in mind, also, that if you’re using a popular piece of equipment during a busy period, other people will be waiting to use it too, so don’t sit there checking Instagram whilst a queue forms.

4. Respect Personal Space

If you’re waiting for a piece of equipment to become available, don’t stand hovering over the person using it. Not only is it potentially dangerous, but we all know there’s nothing more uncomfortable than trying to finish your set with a total stranger standing nearby watching you.

5 – Put Your Weights Back

This should obviously go without saying, but once you’ve finished with a weight make sure you re-rack it. After all, if you can lift it , you can put it back. For bonus points, if you find one laying around stick that back in the rack as well.

6 – Avoid Chitchat

Although the gym is a great social setting, it’s also a place of solace for many gym-goers, so try to keep the gossip to a minimum. If you run into someone you know, don’t stand around chinwagging all through someone else’s session. And, obviously, if someone is wearing headphones then they probably don’t want to talk to you.

7 – Selfies

We’re not saying don’t take them. After all, photographs are a great way to track your progress. But try to reserve taking selfies for the changing rooms, or on less busy days when there isn’t a queue of people waiting to use the machine you’re currently pouting, flexing and voguing on.

8 – Keep Equipment Where It Belongs

Respect the gym’s layout and workout in the designated areas. For example, don’t drag a bench into the squatting area, and don’t try to deadlift in front of the dumbbell racks. Basically, don’t try to do any weightlifting movements anywhere except the appropriate designated areas.

9 – Clean Up After Yourself

If you’ve crushed a hard session, do your fellow gym-goers a favour and grab your towel and clean up after yourself. If you’ve crushed it so hard that even your towel is dripping with sweat, grab some paper towels and use those to mop up. There’s really no excuse to leave a small reservoir of sweat behind you.

10 – Don’t Curl In The Squat Rack


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