How to build muscle mass

It’s all about the gains. But how exactly should you go about trying to gain muscle mass? Hitting the gym is a given, but there’s a lot of other factors that go together to get that muscle on your frame. 


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In order to build muscle, you’ll need to consume more calories than you burn. Use our protein calculator to find out how many calories you need to consume each day – this will vary from person to person – and work out what you need to eat in order to stay in a surplus.

For clean bulking, you’ll want to avoid overly processed foods, and stick to healthier things like chicken and veg. Some people can still find it hard to maintain the amount of calories despite eating healthily, in which case our range of Monster protein is a good fit.

Carbs and fats

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Don’t be afraid to eat carbs. The right kind of carbs, consumed directly after a workout, will help your body to build muscle. Post-workout your body finds it harder to process carbs into fat, so all those lovely carbs will go towards your much-craved gains.

Some people will try and avoid eating carbs and fat for fear of putting extra fat on, but this can lead to fatigue and reduced energy levels. It is hard to provide the body with the fuel it needs to gain muscle without adequate calorie consumption. This could push you into a catabolic state – meaning you lose the muscle you’ve worked hard to create. Remember you’ll be putting on weight by putting on muscle, and as long as you stick to a slight surplus of calories you’ll be well on your way to creating lean muscle.


Get as much protein through your diet as you can, through protein-rich foods such as chicken and other red meat. To get extra protein, you’ll next want to find the best protein powder that works for you and compliments your diet. 

If you’re after lean muscle our range starts with the Whey Matrix and Anabolic Gold which has an 86% protein content. These proteins are 3 stage release due to the combination of protein sources meaning maximum protein synthesis over a longer period. 

Looking to get bulking? Our Monster Carbs or Monster Protein will be a good fit. Throw in some creatine monohydrate and some dextrose to help you get those extra gains.


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It’s not just about hitting the weights hard to try and build muscle – remember to keep in about 2-3 sessions a week of 20-30 minutes of cardio to help with your cardiovascular health. Cardiovascular training will help your heart to pump blood around the body, and to increase the oxygen uptake to your blood cells. This will also increase recovery and help your body to burn fat while you rest. 

Remember not to overly fatigue yourself with cardio though and keep the session separated by 8 hours; the goal is muscle building and the key is balance. Too much and you risk losing your gains, too little and you could be losing out on the benefits above.


Grab that shake to get your protein and carbs in post-workout. Remember that while going to the gym and working out is important, that’s not the only time your body will be building muscle. Take care of yourself afterwards; eating healthily, getting a decent night’s sleep, and staying hydrated are all great ingredients for some truly epic gains.

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