Hardcore bodybuilding, for us, means supporting those that want to lift big and don’t mind putting in those extra hours at the gym. Whether you are looking for huge size, an ultra-lean physique or need a boost to smash through that plateau, our range of weight gainers, testosterone boosters and fat burners will see you right!

Weight Gainers

Gaining weight and mass is a common goal in bodybuilding and sports where size is beneficial. We provide a range of different weight gainers all of which can help you target your goal. We have Monster Protein which has a hefty protein content, but also packs in a solid calorific content. Then we have Monster Calories, which focuses more on total calories. To finish off the trifecta, go for Monster Carbs and use it throughout the day.

Testosterone Boosters

We have a variety of testosterone boosting supplements from individual active ingredient products to blended products like Kong Testosterone Booster and ZMA. To add to that, you could also try the one and only Alpha-Test; our first ever test boosting protein powder.

Fat Burners

Our fat burners are designed to give you extra support with your weight loss goals. They should never, ever be taken by those who are sensitive to caffeine, or by those who are pregnant. These products include ingredients such as anhydrous, bitter orange, guarana and more. Check out T5 Inferno, one of the strongest fat burners going!

Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-workout supplements, in short, give you that extra ‘oomph’ needed to push through that plateau. Our strongest pre-workout is Matrix Rage 3.0, which SHOULD NOT be consumed by anyone sensitive to caffeine or any other stimulant-based ingredients. If you’re after a hybrid fat burner pre-workout, go for Hyper Cutz, and for a nitric oxide booster, try No Pump Xtreme.

It is important that you don’t get into a position where you rely completely on a pre-workout to produce a good session, and that you never take more than the stated dose!

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