Have you taken up cycling during lockdown and are looking for the supps to help you boost your performance? We’ve narrowed our range down to the top three supps you should have in your workout arsenal to get you the results you need. No matter your experience, these supps will give your workout the extra help it needs.


Our high protein flapjacks are excellent for eating on the go. They’re the perfect snack to for you to eat before you head out for a ride on your bike, as they’re specifically designed to release energy throughout the day with their low GI profile. Packed with 36.8g carbohydrates in each bar, you’ll have enough energy to start your bike ride off as you mean to go on.

Not only that, but every bar is also filled with a whopping 17.3g protein to give your muscles the boost they need. There’s a choice of three flavours to choose from; caramel crunch, chocolate deluxe, or cookies & cream.  


Once you’ve hit the middle of your ride, you’ll need a little pick me up to give you the energy burst you need to see your workout through to the end. Our Amino Energy is the perfect fit – Amino Energy is specifically designed to improve athletic performance, giving you the energy and focus bump you need to improve your results.

Matrix Amino Energy combines 9 essential amino acids to give you the boost you need on the trails or out on the road, including beta-alanine. It’ll help by ensuring BCAA’s are circulating around the bloodstream and thus decreasing protein breakdown. By enhancing muscle protein synthesis with our Amino Energy you’ll be decreasing tissue breakdown and stay one step ahead of the game when trying to maintain muscle while dieting and smashing those cardio sessions!

It comes in three great flavours to give you even more choice to find the ideal supplements for you.


Your go-to post-workout supp should be our best selling Whey Matrix protein. After a tough training ride, Whey Matrix is packed full of all the nutritious goodies you need, with 23g protein in every 45g serving and a mix of high GI carbohydrates to help your muscles recover.

A protein shake is the ideal post-workout treat to aid protein synthesis, and help you achieve your workout goals. There’s a range of 13 great flavours to choose from, so there’s something to suit everyone.

Are there any other essential supplements you think we’ve missed off our list? Let us know over on our Facebook page!

Lead image: Pavel1964 via Getty Images.

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