When it comes to arms, most people work their biceps first. The triceps become nothing more than a passing thought.

But not any more.

Here is our no nonsense, five step guide to creating a killer tricep workout that will sees those gains come rolling in.

1Get the right rep range

Rep ranges get written about all the time. There are various ideas on what works best, from small ranges with massive weights, to more reps, with less weight. With the triceps, you want to go with the latter.

As it a small muscle group, you need to make sure you are working them properly, so by going with a smaller weight, but increasing those reps, you give yourself the full range of extension.

Look for 12-15 reps, with a weight that makes you feel the burn at around 12 reps. Obviously as you get stronger, this weight should increase, but the “burn” point should be around 12 at all times.


As an isolation exercise, this is a great place to start. You can use an EZ bar or a dumbbell, but the movement is basically the same.

You lie flat on a bench, keeping your feet on the ground and your head hanging over the edge slightly. Then, using an overhand grip hold the weight above your head and bring it down towards your head.

Keep the rep range between 12-15 and the weight low. Just don’t drop the weight, unless you want to take the name a bit too literally!

3Overhead tricep extensions

Using a tricep bar in order to maintain a closed grip, thus maximising the work your triceps do, stay in control of the movement.

With a sturdy core, bend the elbows, and bring the weight down to the bottom of your neck, behind your head. Then push the weight back up, without fully locking the elbows.

This is an easy to master workout for starters, and once again you should be looking for a 12-15 rep range. Though you might want to make 12 the max to start.

4Rope pull downs

Machines are a much more single purpose, isolating way to work a muscle group. Rope pull downs are therefore a perfect way to work the triceps.

An easy exercise, but one where you need to keep a tight core and as usual, stay in control of the movement.

Because of the 12-15 rep range weight, you shouldn’t be pulling, or dropping the weight back.

5Unleash the super set

Combining the three exercises into a super set will make sure every sinew of your tricep area is worked.

Doing it in the order above also makes adjustments for safety a breeze.

The skull crusher and overhead tricep extensions should be with the lowest weight possible, as this is where you will start each set. The rope pull downs can be heavier, as long as you are within your rep range, just be prepared to drop down weight if you aren’t hitting the numbers you need to.