James Urquhart has some impressive ink, and is building his back to match it. Here a short workout AND a video to help you build back width. It’s not always about weight, it’s about control!

Building Back Width

I have been trying to work on my back width recently so have been doing lots of pull ups and pull downs to try and target the upper lats.

– Lat pull down 3 x 20 (away from failure)

– Lat pull down 5 x 10 reps (controlled form, pinching muscle at the bottom and fully stretching out.

– Bent over row 4 x 15,12,10,15 (not fully bent over so I was also bringing my traps/rear deltoids and upper back into play)

– T Bar Row 3 x 10-12

– Straight Bar Lat Pull downs 3 x 10-12

– Hyper Extensions 3 x 12

Rest periods 60 seconds approx.

Tempo 2:1:2:1

I didn’t really use heavy weights in this workout as you can see in the video. Muscle contraction was my main aim! As you can see a lot more upper back than lower back due to wanting more width.