After tweeting about his leg progress, our sponsored athlete James Stirling thought he’d give you some info on his progress!


Weight: 86.5kg
• 2800 Kcals
• 240g carbs
• 290g Protein
• 70g Fats

This week I have made a few changes to my diet programme. I have increased my carbs but kept a slight drop in total kcals. I want to start burning a little more fat but try and do something new through keeping my carbs higher throughout. I don’t plan on changing my diet unless I need to now for another 3 weeks. Next week sees the start of my new training programme.


I’ve been doing a hypertrophy programme of 3 sets, 10 reps across on average 6 exercises. Next week my training will change and I’ll move away from the 10 rep range for hypertrophy into a programme that incorporates strength and endurance. Lots of drop sets and pyramid sets to keep the volume nice and high.

The only session I will be keeping in, is a hypertrophy quads and hamstring session. My training partner and I have been hitting legs very hard to try and stimulate max growth over the next couple of weeks. Hitting the same body part a few times a week is not overtraining in my opinion if nutrition is spot on. So this is how the extra leg session will look:

• Giant set quads/ham: x 3
• A.T.G squats
• Smith squats feet in front
• Leg press wide
• Stiff legged with dumbbells
• Lunges dumbbells superset with jump squats

Hamstring curl: full pyramid
1 x 20
1 x 30
1 x 50
1 x 30
1 x 20

Another week of leg growth – forcing the quads to come through. So far my legs have increased by 2 inches over the last 8 months with great support from my training partner Baz Gouldsbury. I want to hit 1 more inch by show day and I am determined it will happen.


The weather has held out for the morning walks. But this week I plan I buy a turbo for my road bike to effectively turn it into a spin bike that can be used indoors. A great way of getting the cardio done in the morning.

Until next week – hit it hard and any questions drop me a line!