fat burning tips
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Burn fat faster

Eat right, train well and lose the fat — those actions are the three key components, which will go a long way to improving your muscle definition.

Now it’s a common mistake to go in all guns blazing with the training routine, whilst neglecting the other elements — especially the fat burning part. So rather than training for long hours in vain, become an effective fat burner and check out these five fabulous fat burning tips.

1. Cups of cold water

drink cold water
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Cold water works wonders

Start off your day with a glass of cold water before breakfast, as it will help flush your body free of lingering toxins. It will also fill you up a little and stop you overeating at breakfast.

Drinking cold water prompts your metabolism to work harder, in order to increase the heat of the water to that of room temperature. And drinking 500ml of cold water on an empty stomach can boost your metabolic rate by up to 30%, which is going to burn the fat. Drink!

2. Burn with breakfast

healthy breakfast
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A hearty and healthy breakfast helps

Eating a healthy breakfast in the morning is very important. It gets the metabolism fired up, into gear and working at a higher rate. This in turn increases your fat burning potential.

Skimping on breakfast won’t help you lose weight, but rather result in you feeling hungry and low on energy. Meaning you won’t be able to train as well. You’ll also end up snacking throughout the day to satisfy that painful hunger. And snacking needs to be avoided if you want to burn fat.

3. Go faster fat burners

fat burners
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Burn blubber burn

Most of our excess weight is stored in fat cells, and the body only begins to burn off these fat supplies when other forms of energy have been diminished.

Fat burners can improve this process by speeding up your metabolic rate and increasing the body’s demand for energy. This demand will exceed your energy intake, thus your excess fat supplies will be used. Invest in fat burners. They do what they say on the tin, err plastic container.

4. Promote the protein

high protein diet
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A high protein diet will help deliver muscle

Not only does protein build muscle, it also assists with fat loss. Yes — it’s a winner. This is because protein maintains muscle mass and muscle mass burns more calories than other types of mass.

Your body also needs more time, thus more energy to process the actual protein — around 20-30% of the calorie intake. So consuming a high protein diet, really is a must if you’re serious about transforming your muscle definition.

5. A disciplined diet

olive oil salad dressing
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Dress sparingly

Diet is key, so watch your food and be extra careful on spoiling all the hard work by adding a fatty sauce to your salad. Sauces are usually high in calories, so stick with a dab of olive oil.

Regulate your meals to the same time each day. Keep a daily record of what you eat and how well you trained and take pictures of your physique each week, so you can see how well you’ve progressed. And most importantly stay focused and disciplined.