Objective: To increase the % of Lean Body Mass of an individual by reducing body fat and building muscle mass.

Simple? No.

We are right to debate what’s the best fat burner and what’s the best diet for our purpose, but things can quickly get too complicated.

So to make this as easy as possible I have created my top 3 points for each.

Tip 1: How to diet

Let’s keep this as simple as we possibly can. How do you make up your daily diet – from what foods at what times?

Portion size:
I have recently tried eating 3 times a day and eating 6 times a day, both times consuming the same number of kcals. Which is your preference? 6 smaller meals or 3 larger meals. Appreciate that if you work 9-5 eating 6 meals might not be possible.

How you make up your kcals is important. 300kcals of chocolate is not the same as 300kcals of chicken. Be aware – know the following:

• How many kcals should I consume to lose weight or gain weight? Calculators are available online. If you are trying to gain size you need to eat – eat a lot but keep the foods you eat controlled.

• What foods do I eat? A good balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Fats are NOT bad – they are essential from good sources of nuts, avocados, red meat and fish. Again 30g fat from a pizza is not the same as 30g fat from fish. Get the correct fat!

• Each week eat 1 thing you LOVE to eat. Reward your hard work but keep control and balance.

Tip 2: Cardiovascular exercise and weight training

Burn kcals through exercise to create a reduction in your kcals consumed.

But most importantly for health – the two go hand in hand. Improve your health, improve your body.

Decreased resting heart rate, blood pressure, increased cardiac output, increased capillaries. More blood to more muscles quicker and more efficiently. Why would you say no to that?

Lift weights:
Increase your lean body mass and you increase the calories burnt performing daily activities. Hypertrophy for building muscle – 10-12 reps!

You should be lifting weights too. Want that toned look? That’s built by weight training.

Tip 3: Keep a track of what you are doing. Weights lifted, food eaten

You will be surprised how quickly you can progress. But be patient – have one goal and make sure you aim for that. By setting more goals you decrease the chances of succeeding in just one.

Most importantly enjoy what you do, keep some variety and maintain balance with friends and family.