FBI abs
Last week = the hardest week
It is the last week, so James has decided to go all spartan. Time to get 300 abs! James' top tip: TIP: Keep all movement controlled and hold at point of tension for maximum contraction of abdominal muscles.

300 Abs

Time: 60 mins Equipment needed: Bench, 10-20kg Plate.


The below is an abs circuit. All exercises are performed back to back for 10 sets. That's 50 reps per set for 6 sets - 300 REPS! Exercise 1: HANGING LEG RAISES Exercise 2: DECLINE CRUNCH (ADD WEIGHT IF REQUIRED) Exercise 3: BARBELL WIPERS Exercise 4: CABLE CRUNCHES Exercise 5: KNEE TUCKS Its a tough one, but will help get the abs on show!
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