Time for a super set
When we started Project X we wanted to create great workouts for everyone to try, and that is exactly what James Stirling has done. This week, his FBI workout involves lunges, kettlebells and burpees. Subscribe to the blog to get weekly updates, and a chance to win supplement samples. Time for week 2!

Full Body Circuit - High Intensity

Equipment: Kettle bells, barbell, additional weights if required, stop watch. Length of workout: 30mins


1. Kettle Bell Swings 2. Waking Lunges - add weight if required through use of dumbells 3. Mountain Climbers 30 seconds, quick step ups 30 seconds. 4. Clean and press with kettle bell or barbell. Add weight if required 5. Burpees 30 seconds, Press up 30 seconds 6. Rest for 1 minute Repeat 5 times


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