FBI week 3
Get ready for shaky arms!

The idea of James Stirling’s FBI series is that anyone can do them and each week, James tries them out to make sure they are doable! So this week, after trying his Arm Obliteration his typing was a little bit shaky!

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Time for week 3!

Arm Obliteration

Equipment needed: Dumbbells, barbells, cable machine

Length of workout: 40 mins

Target muscles: Bicep/Tricep/Forearm


1. Seated dumbbell bicep curl: 2 x 20

2. EZ Bar triple drop set: 3 x 15,12,10

3. Hammer curls superset with barbell curls. 3 x 10-12

4. Tricep cable push down: 3 x 6-8 rest-paused – 3 second pause at bottom

5. Skull crushes: 3 x 12 (slow movement down) superset with dumbbell kickbacks 3 x 15

6. Dumbbell tricep extension drop set – 2 x 15,12,10

7. Forearms – barbell roll out – roll barbell to finger tips and return to palm. 3 x 15

Superset = perform simultaneously

Dropset = repeat exercise with less weight

If you aren’t sure how to do any of these exercises, you may find them in our basic workout guides.