FBI Chest
Time for a chest workout!

We’re in week 6 of James’ FBI so there aren’t many parts of the body left! This week it’s time for a chest workout.

James’ tip is to keep intensity high and cut rest to a minimum! You can rest in bed!

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Chest x 5

Length of workout: As long as it takes

Equipment needed: Cable machine, bench, dumbbell/barbells


1. Warm up of 2 x 20 flat flys

2. Flat bench 1 x 20, 3 x 6-8

3. Incline flys single set with hammer press (3 second pause at bottom) 3 x 12

4. Press ups (2 second pause at top and bottom) 3 x 25

5. Cable flys 3 x 8-10

Nutrition and supplement tip

If you struggling to make gains, even with this FBI series, then get in to full muscle making mode with tribulus. Keep your diet high in protein and if you want lean gains, look to cut out sugars and go for low GI carbs.