December is not a month where it is easy to stay on track. Christmas pudding, lots of drink and a gym that may as well be non existent.

Come January, you may well feel bloated, you may well feel like you need to get back down the gym, and you may be wondering where to start.

Here’s how.

Don’t punish yourself

December is one month. Christmas is one day. So the “damage” you can do in that time is in no way permanent. Just because you’ve gone a bit mad with the chocolate doesn’t mean you are going to cause serious damage to your body forevermore.

With this in mind, you don’t need to go crazy when get you start exercising and looking after your diet again. There is no need to only eat 1000 calories and workout four times a day in order to “quickly fix” the Christmas damage.

And with that in mind…

Ditch the fads

Dry January is a good place to start. Though this is obviously a nice way to raise money for charities, in fitness terms it isn’t the whole solution.

Why? Because the Cabbage Soup Diet, Dukan, Atkins etc etc, all only address a problem for a small period of time. Once a person finishes those crash diets, or gets fed up with it, they inevitably go back to their old ways.

Granted these ways aren’t always going to be bad. But there is a better way.

Have a plan

If you are really serious about getting back in shape post Xmas then the best place is to start is with a plan.

Though talking about macros may bore your family and friends to death, it is a good place to start. Sit down, using an app or an online calorie calculator and work out what you need to eat. If you are looking at supplements, then think about what protein powder you might want, and how that then impacts on what you need to eat.

After that, take a look at the workouts you can do, in line with what you want to achieve.

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Be realistic

If you have had a few months off and have been eating badly, you need to view getting back on track as a new start. At the same time, what you don’t need to do is think this start is a “new you”. You’ll be back in the “New Year’s Resolution” camp then, and that doesn’t always end well.

If you have been off the wagon for quite a while, then realise that though many online publications will have you think that you can get a six pack in a week, it just isn’t the case.

If in doubt

Remember what you did before! And if you are starting new, then we’ll have some tips for you soon.