We caught up with James Stirling. Who has been busy competing, reviewing Matrix Alpha Test (video to come) and much more in between.

Here, he goes through his current training regime, diet and what his goals are for off season.


Weight: 88kg
Diet: 3200 Kcals
– 200g carbs
– 320g Protein
– 105g Fats

Week one and the diet has just begun. I have kept carbs high, and plan to do this as long as I can to ensure that I retain the muscle mass I have spent the last 2-3 months working hard to build. However, I have increased cardio this week to start the fat burning process. I recommend using fat burners too to really boost the process.


• 3 x HIIT cardio: Sprints (25mins)
• 3 x LISS cardio: Power walk / cycle (1 hour)
• 5 x weight sessions:

Monday: Chest PM
Tuesday: Hamstring and Calves PM
Wednesday: Shoulders PM
Thursday: Abs
Friday: Back PM
Sat: Arms and abs PM
Sun: Quads and Calves AM and Metabolic Circuits PM

My weak point at the moment is still my legs so I will be hitting these 2-3 times per week to really stimulate some growth allowing 2 days rest in between each session. I won’t go a day now for the next 8 weeks without leg DOMS which should be interesting – particularly when it comes to cardio, I am predicting some uncomfortable runs!

Throughout my “off-season” I have continued to include an abs session to each workout plan and now I will increase this to 2 full abs circuits per week. As you can see my scheduled ‘rest day’ has become an abs day. However should I feel like my body needs a full res,t I will mix this round to put it after my shoulder session.


I am looking forward to cardio and will be trying to implement a cardio style approach to all training sessions. Like this example:

Wattbike full resistance sprints followed by lunges.

Wattbike 20 sprint 20 rest for 3 mins followed by 20 x 3 walking lunges. Repeat 3 times no rest.

I tried and tested this at the weekend and loved it for really feeling the burn whilst getting a huge sweat on! Probably the most difficult leg finisher I have used.

I am a big fan of using bikes for cardio. I find I enjoy this significantly more than running on a treadmill. I also use a road bike around London for an hour early morning fasted cardio, mixing short spells of sprints with steady state (intervals).


In terms of goals? I don’t really have one other than bring my best shape to date. Ideally I would like to be 83-84kg on stage, thankfully I have stayed moderately lean during my off season.

Until next week – hit it hard and any questions drop me a line at James Stirling Fitness