We all love our gyms, but our Project X athlete James Stirling has found one that is in a word, massive.

So whilst on holiday, he was kind enough to update us on what is going on.

Where am I?

I am currently in Sarasota, Florida enjoying a holiday but the lifestyle does not change. I’m training twice a day most days from LA Fitness – a gym which puts UK Fitness centres to shame. Many will argue that a holiday is time to unwind and enjoy time with your friends, which I most certainly do – I just make sure I continue my lifestyle choice regardless of where I am or what I am doing.

What am I eating?

I have experimented with my diet over the last 3-4 months to find out what works best for me. I have tried higher carbs, lower fats and tweaked all my ratios to get an understanding of how I feel with certain foods and quantities etc. I don’t suffer fatigue on a lower carb diet, instead I actually feel I have more energy – perhaps supported by the weekly refeed (thanks to James Alexander Ellis on advising me on this).

I admit I have employed a bit of IIFYM to ensure I can keep variety in my food. I dont see any issues with this, so long that you are honest with your consumed foods and you have an understanding of how much (or little) you should be eating of each macro type (carb,protein,fat).


I am currently 3 weeks out from what potentially is my first comp of the year and my training has not so much changed but intensified. I have been training with a good pal Baz also competing at the same comp and coached by Scott Francis. We push each other hard and motivate each other to get out those extra reps.

Cardio has increased from 2-3 sessions a week to most days. My strategy is get in, get the kcal burnt. If I can be in for 25mins rather than an hour trust me I will. StairMaster, watt bike and spin sessions form the core of my plan each time looking to burn between 450-650kcals. The most from spin!

I train weights heavy still with drop sets and supersets. Some of which leave me drained and ready for bed (or another meal).

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