How to get brains AND brawn

As a celebration of us furthering our Matrix student discount, we’re looking at ways to help those studying! So let’s look at revision.

Love it or hate it, most of us have some point swotted up for an exam. But if you’re training, the revision you need to do could be getting in the way.

You might think that you have to abandon one or the other, but that isn’t the way to go. Combining the workout of your mind and the workout of your body is possible. As we shall now demonstrate.

1. Transfer your revision to audio

Music helps many work out, giving them that beat based kick up the backside to do one more set. So if you can record revision notes, or even entire lectures (if allowed), and put them on your phone or MP3 player, you have a way of revising while you train.

Your voice might not be the same catalyst for energy as your usual tunes, but it’s a way to combine revision and training, at a time where you don’t want to sacrifice either.

Besides, if music is your usual motivator, you could always try some Matrix Rage 3.0 Rampage to really get things going.

2. Cardio time = reading time

It might be hard to read a book when running or lifting weights, but if you are cycling, using a cross trainer or many other cardio based machines, the chances are you can read a book.

This is straightforward enough. But you could always set yourself some kind of target. An easy one is to say that you can’t stop running until you have understood something, or read it properly.

Self punishment yes, but you’ll be preparing for exams and getting a real good workout in too.

3. Change things up

Getting to the gym, setting up, lifting weights and getting back can take a lot of time. Not to mention the extra couple of minutes drinking some Anabolic Gold (of course).

So have a look at bodyweight training, try a new routine and give yourself more time to revise.

4. Change your commute

If you live off campus, the chances are, you get a bus in, or a lift with your mates. But stop and walk, run or cycle in. It might take a lot longer to get in, but if you’ve recorded your revision to your phone or MP3 player (as informed in tip one), then you have more time to listen to it. You are also getting some cardio in.

Not everyone wants to do cardio, and we appreciate that. Cycling however, in a gear with much resistance will help to work your legs, and build big calf muscles. So stop being lazy and get yourself to lectures or the library the old fashioned way.

5. Give your spotter further responsibilities…

If you are using a spotter during a bench press session, then why not get that person to ask you questions on your topic? For every one you get wrong, you have to do one more rep.

This idea could work in another way too. If you are out jogging with a friend, you could ask each other questions on a given topic, and if either you get it wrong, you have to run another 500m.

How you work it is up to you, but if you have a workout partner, work with them, revise with them and use the benefits of group learning.

And finally…

If you are struggling to fit both in, then you need to make a choice. Which is more important? We’d say your course. But even if these ideas are too drastic, organisation is key. Sort your revision plan out, sort your training plan out, and you could well combine the two. You could even workout at your desk if you were so inclined.

Good luck!