Another year is coming to an end, so we thought we’d give you a run-down on what has arrived at HQ.

Protein powders, weight loss supplements and variations on other established products, it’s been another awesome year.

So, in no particular order, here goes.

Whey Concentrate

Released in November, we were proud to come up with the UK’s cheapest whey concentrate! With over 80% protein per serving, derived from the highly bio-available whey concentrate, we believe this powder offers fantastic value for money.

L-Glutamine Powder

How does glutamine work? Well, we’ve covered that on the blog. But in short, it you to recover and to maintain muscle mass. We were delighted to develop a high quality powder form, as not only is it easier to get the optimum dose, but it is also very convenient.

Zero Calorie Syrups

For this, we’ll just take a review from the site…

Guilt free syrup!? What’s not to like.

Night Warrior

Containing magnesium, glutamine and zinc, plus an abundance of other anabolic and sleep aiding products, this little baby was pretty much a market first. It won’t give you a six pack in your sleep, but in line with exercise and proper diet, it will certainly help you to get results.


An amino acid that is nearly always found in pre-workout powders. If you want a bit of a kick, this is for you, but it also helps to delay fatigue too. Perfect as ingredient in a pre-workout shake, or if you want a kick without the caffeine.


Designed for fat loss and improved endurance, our L-Carnitine tablets are derived from the purest of the amino acid. This has proved to be such a popular product, we now have it in three sizes, either a 60 pack, 120 or 240.

Kong Creatine

Last year, Kong was unleashed on the world. This year it evolved into something else. This creatine matrix of monohydrate, ethyl ester, nitrate and gluconate, offers many benefits. In fact, in studies where participants used the same dose as Kong creatine, they gained up to 6lbs of muscle.

Matrix Ravenous

Designed to increase your appetite, this is perfect for those that are looking to gain weight but struggle to muster the energy to take in the food.

Cookies and Cream Flapjacks

Our flapjacks are rather popular. The new flavour has proven so popular, that we sold out! If you’re a flapjack mentalist, we’ll have another treat for you next year.

Matrix Armour

Last, but not least, comes Matrix Armour. This DOMS preventing, joint protecting, liver support aid is perfect for those that work their bodies hard. High in all manner of amino acids, it also milk thistle, which is very good for the liver.