So this article will be about finding the perfect diet. I hate to say it but I could sum it up within three words… “Trial and Error.”

Unfortunately not one diet is for all and this includes training as well, what may work for me may not work for you and a lot of factors come into this!

Important factors you should take into consideration

  • Is this method of dieting maintainable with your day to day lifestyle? (picture yourself in 6-12 months time)
  • Gym performance/ general health (strength, energy levels, moods, muscle preserving)
  • Is it manageable? (not over complicated)
  • Are you getting the desired results? (comes down to trial and error)


I’m now going to list some of the diet types out there which seem to be most spoken of. I won’t list pro’s and con’s as dieting is very personal and tailored for the individual so what might be a pro/con for me may be different for you!

IIFYM/ Flexible Dieting

This seems to be the new, up and coming way of dieting. and in my view very manageable with a day to day lifestyle if you are out and about regularly. This diet allows you to eat anything if you can fit it in your macros but don’t be fooled you still have to eat “clean foods” else you would more than likely not hit your protein target and be way over on carbs and fats!

Normally it’s a 90/10 ratio. Meal timing is also not really an important factor as long as you hit your macros at the end of the day, but I would focus on eating a good amount of food pre/post workout.

Here is an example of some macros. (Food nutrients/ amounts/macros not accurate)

Macro target for the day: 250 Protein, 300 Carb, 80 Fat

Meal 1:
100g Oats (10P 60C 10F)
2 Whole Eggs (20P 0C 20F)
20g Peanut Butter (3P 2C 10F)
Total: 33P 62C 40F

Meal 2:
2 Scoops Whey Protein powder (40P 4C 2F)
2 Pop Tarts (3P 50C 10F)
Totals: 43P 54C 12F)

Keto Diet

A keto diet is a diet where you consume no carbs just fats and proteins. The idea of the diet is to get your body to use fats as fuel rather than carbs!

Personally I think this diet is a bit old school and you hear less and less about it in today’s world. Not saying it’s a “bad” way of dieting as it may work for you but for the average joe trying to get in shape I would recommend keeping carbs in. A lot of competitors use this in the final a stage of prep but it’s a diet you need to know a lot of information about to set up correctly.

Clean Eating

This way of dieting has been popular for many years and still is today. To do it right and have consistent results I would still recommend having a set of macros.

Eat low GI carbs throughout the day and a higher GI carb after your workout.

This way of dieting is extremely popular as it has been around for many years and there’s a lot of evidence that it works.

Carb Cycling

Carb cycling has been around for many years also and can be used with clean eating and flexible dieting. It’s a method a lot of people use when trying to shift that last bit of body fat.

This process involves having low, medium and high carb days. Example: Rest day low,


That’s a basic overview on what I think of today’s more popular diets. I personally have tried them all and for me Clean Eating with a set of macros and carb cycling (when needed) works best! I will use flexible dieting to keep on track if I do go out for the day!

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