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A new part of Project X is a weekly check in with all our athletes. Each one will feature tips, pictures and updates on our athletes’ progress.

Let us know if there is anything you want to know and we’ll try and add it to the check in.

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James Urquhart

Weight: 94kg.

Currently in an off season but dropped my calories slightly as I want it to be a lean bulk and gained a bit too much body fat. (If it was the winter months I wouldn’t mind as much but summer is only round the corner!)

My week’s focus is to maintain this weight and try and lean up.

Tip of the week: work on your weaknesses more in the off season. If you have a lagging bodypart try putting it at the start of the week and work it twice!

James Pickering

Weight: 89.2kg

Body Fat: 10.66%

Workout focus: Outer sweep of the lower chest and overall cumulative overload on Deadlifts.

Tip of the week: Thumbless or suicide grip on incline chest press, this grip is dangerous so I recommend using a spotter but this grip can create lots of tension at the lower portion of the movement which creates better muscle stimulation in the upper pectorals which is often a problem on the incline chest press as the anterior deltoids usually take over and dominate the movement. Remember – use a spotter.

Laura Mechem

Focus is to build my hamstrings and work on my quad definition before my next show and bring a leaner overall package!

Tip of the week is to keep cardio workouts varied so your body does not get used to it – I have a mixture of HIIT treadmill sprints, bike sprints, interval training and leg shaping exercises which I change so every day I am doing something different.

Plus I am maintaining training for the Moonwalk half marathon so will do several 6,8,10 and 12 mile power walks over the next three weeks. Although I have completed this and the full marathon power walk before, I want to better the pace and time from before and love the atmosphere and experience!

James Stirling

He isn’t here at the moment. The lucky lad is over in America. But, he has assured us of updates. And in case you missed it, soon there will be videos!

Workout videos coming soon
Workout videos coming soon