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Week 2

Ok so it has been more than a week since we had an update. But that doesn’t mean our athletes have been slacking.

Here is what they have been up…

James Stirling

James Stirling bloody hands
Maybe get some gloves?

Weight 82kg as I will be competing at the Body Power expo on Saturday at 11.15am. I am currently 2kg heavier than I was in my previous competition where I placed 4th in the UK so hopefully a noticeable improvement will be seen!

As I am only a few days out from competition my body fat is currently very low at around 7% max. I will hoping to drop this to 6% as I stand on stage. To pull my bodyfat down my diet has consisted primarily of fats and proteins and cardio twice a day.

My workout focus this week has been around carb depletion and dropping kcal through cardio whilst keeping my Kcal intake from food consistent. I have tweaked my diet for my final week by dropping Carb intake to just 50g and raising protein by 50g. I have also been manipulating my water by increasing salts and water intake ready to drop water by 50% on Friday. This process plus the addition of carbohydrates will create a tight look ready for my show.

Tip of the week? This week has been particularly tough, feeling very drained and depleted from extensive cardio and dieting. Keep the focus and make sure you dig deep when you least want to. Make the workout you didn’t want to do one of your best!

Anything else? My recent supplementation stack has really supported my final months preparation. When looking to diet or drop body fat it is essential for me to take on board BCAA’s pre and post workout. HMB and BCAA’S tabs make this easy and cost effective! A must have in your summer stack.

Laura Mechem

Laura Mechem Week 2
14 weeks out and counting!

Body Fat – 19.5%

Focus this week has been on building that shelf – glutes!

Glute focused exercises for me this week have included feet together leg press, split stance dumbbell squats and my favourite- kickbacks.

Tip of the week: Instead of rushing through squats and lunges, I hold for 5-10 seconds at the lowest point of the move. This not only helps me concentrate on my routine but also allows me to take an extra-deep contraction through my glutes and core and stabilize my spine before lifting back up.

Anything else? My diet has been tweaked slightly this month- carbs have been removed from my breakfast to see how my body responds to this.

I definitely miss my oats and protein first thing in the morning and now I have to wait until post workout to enjoy them.

James Pickering

James Pickering - week 2
Selfie 1

Weight = 189 pounds

Bodyfat = 11%

Workout focus = Upper chest

Tip of the week = Try reducing your range of motion (ROM) on dumbbell flyes for chest to keep the tension on the pectoral muscles for the whole set. Once your hands and arms come too high the tension and stress on the muscle is reduced!

James Urquhart

James Urquhart week 2
Selfie 2!

Weight = 94kg

I have started a mini cut as my bodyfat is too high for my liking. This mini cut may turn to a longer one just depends on how I’m feeling!

Tip: Don’t just set long term goals, have little goals in between. This will help keep you motivated.