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Closed for applications…for now

Project X has seen a huge response. But if you haven’t been contacted then sadly, you haven’t been successful. We’ve found our 3 new athletes and will be announcing them soon. But if you haven’t been contacted, what comes next?

Here are the answers to the questions that you probably have!

Why didn’t I get picked?

We received literally hundreds of applications from bodybuilders, runners, paddle boarders, MMA fighters and more.

We hadn’t planned on picking athletes from particular sports so every field was welcome.

We can’t currently comment on individual applications, other than to say each one was considered equally. But as we’re about to tell you, don’t get too downhearted.

What now

If you still feel you have something to give, then get in touch. Fancy yourself as a blogger? Well then either ourselves or our friends at Supplement Centre would love to hear from you. It’s a great way to raise your profile and get yourself in the public eye.

We’re talking about body transformations, snippets of knowledge, preparation for competitions. If you think it will be interesting, get in touch and let us know.

We’d also like to hear your ideas on how we can improve. Let us know, comment below or visit our community page and let us know what we can add.

Can I be picked in the future

Of course! We went through a big shortlisting process and there were many that came close. But we only wanted three athletes, for now.

In the future our stable may change again, we may look to expand it or we may look for new opportunities.

Of course when this happens, we’ll let you know. But your applications are all on record for any future ventures.

So who was picked then?

We’ll let you know very soon. Needless to say, they are keen, know their stuff and have a great future.

So for now, keep an eye on on our athletes page as we’ll be updating it soon and keep doing what you do.