James Pickering
Does James work with clients like this?

It’s the final new Project X athlete, and yet another James.

You read about bikini model Laura Mechem, and fellow James, James Urquhart. But now it is time to read about the final Project X athlete, James Pickering.

Here is a some info about him.

A bit about James Pickering

James is a level 3 personal trainer, and is duty manager of Simply Gym, Telford.

Having played rugby since the age of 12, he has always been active. But it was around the time of university that James added any muscle mass.

Now he is bigger, stronger and is also an aspiring fitness model.

What will James Pickering offer Project X?

He knows his stuff, and has already written blogs for other supplement companies. So expect some articles on supplements, exercises and more. Those in depth questions that you were perhaps afraid to ask, but need to know anyway!

As usual, we’ll get pictures from him too, and updates on what is going on.

Where can you find James Pickering?

Well currently he is in Iceland! But you can keep up to date with him on twitter and check out his facebook page too.

So that is all our new Project X athletes, starting soon will be a “Weekly Check In” to keep you posted with what is going on.