James Urquhart
Say hello to James Urquhart

Yesterday we told you a bit about Laura Mechem, one of the three people to be picked as new athletes. Now, it’s time to tell you about James Urquhart. an aspiring muscle model from sunny Cornwall!

Here is a little bit about him.

A bit about James

James is currently prepping for his first physique show and is looking to do a run of them in 2015. He is a level 2 personal trainer and is starting level 3 soon.

In his spare time, when not working behind the bar, James is down the gym or answering questions from friends about the world of fitness.

What will James offer Project X?

Being very active on social media, means James is more than happy to answer tweets about anything from what supplements to use, to how to keep in control on the decline section of a bench press!

Like all of our Project X athletes, he’ll be offering workout plans, diet advice and of course the odd picture!

Where can you find James?

You can find James on Instagram and twitter. His athletes section on our community page will be added soon.

Tomorrow will be the announcement of our last new athlete.