Laura Mechem
Say hello to Laura Mechem

We’ve picked 3 new people to become Project X sponsored athletes. And here is the first! We’re delighted to welcome Laura Mechem into the team, and we’re sure you’ll all enjoy keeping up to date with her.

Here is a little bit about her.

A bit about Laura

Laura is an aspiring bikini model. She competed in her first contest just a few weeks ago and finished 6th. Impressively, Laura has lost 3.5 stone to get where she is now, in part thanks to her training with Showgirl Fitness coach Michelle Brannan – an IFBB bikini pro.

She has also completed the Moon Walk Half Marathon and Shine Walk Full Marathon.

Outside of the world of fitness, Laura can sail a boat and is a semi-permanent makeup artist (tattooing makeup).

What will Laura offer Project X?

We know how much you love workout plans and for amateur chefs, we know how much you love protein recipes.

Laura is happy to take part in Q & As so if you have any questions for her, fire away.

And of course, like all you aspiring bodybuilders, models and athletes, there will be myriad chances for pictures!

Where can you find Laura?

The best place to find Laura is on twitter. But soon we’ll be adding her to our re-launched community section.

Tomorrow we’ll announce one more member of Project X. But for now, welcome Laura!