So that time of year is fast approaching, people have waited all year for it, New Year, new me, time to join a gym.

A lot of frequent gym revellers hate this time of year as the gym is now busy, but instead we should embrace it. There is nothing wrong with people joining the gym and trying to improve themselves, it’s what we all do, and becoming a healthier nation can’t be a bad thing.

But for all you newbies out there, about to take the first steps into the big wide world of iron, here are a few tips to help you start and not annoy and frustrate the old veterans.


We know you are new to this and excited by the prospect of what you have the potential to become, but you don’t need to spend the majority of your session taking selfies and updating your social media, wait till you have actually achieved something.


You don’t need all the latest gear, and in fact you’re easier to spot if you come in looking like a sports shop threw up on you.


Your supplement choices. Great you’ve realised you may need something to help you along the way, but make sure you pick a known brand and read into what it does for you, don’t just look for pretty packaging.


Leave the veterans alone. Let those of us who are always there get on with our work out. We are busy people, with busy lives and a lot to fit in, please let us get on with it.


Contradictory to my previous point but as long as you time it right (between exercises or when we have finished) then ask for help and advice. We would rather give you tips than stand by and watch you get hurt in ignorance. Also don’t be offended if we offer advice, we aren’t trying to make you feel bad, just looking to help a fellow iron warrior.


Training with your mates is great, extra motivation etc. But don’t turn up and expect to train as a group of 5! You’re taking up too much space, too much equipment and not getting enough time under the bar. Split yourself into smaller groups for more intensity.


Pick your workouts carefully, consider your limitations and don’t believe everything you read online.

There you go, 7 tips to help you new iron wannabes get the best out of your gym experience and not become an annoying stereotype! Keep up your hard work and I hope to see you in the gym soon.

This was a guest post from Supplement Centre athlete Liam Browne.