Don’t avoid ALLL the mince pies

It can be very difficult to keep track of training and diet during the the Xmas period. There’s parties, office nights out and good food surrounding you all the time.

So here’s my top tips for keeping on track, but maintaining some balance during the most social time of the year!

Maintain cardio

It’s cold and dark but doing just 30 mins of cardio in the morning can help keep the fat under control. If the weather puts you off, grab a skipping rope and make use of what space you have!

Plan your diet by your diary

Make your food plan flexible and if you know you have a party coming up, and you are going to be eating those mince pies, then keep the remainder of your diet clean for the week. By setting yourself a meal a week to enjoy the festive treats, you give yourself a hard earned reward for the work you have put in!

Eat at the right time

Try to time your bigger meals around your workouts either pre or post workout. Put the carbs to use and fuel the session ahead!

Drink when you drink

Going to be drinking? Keep hydrated by adding a glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage and try to monitor your mixers to ensure they are sugar free, keeping the kcals under control. Vodka has fewer kcals than beer so if it’s a big night, control the number of pints you neck and opt for a lower kcal drink!

Train heavy and train hard

HIIT sessions create ‘EPOC‘ meaning you carry on burning calories for a number of hours after exercise. A big xmas breakfast? 20mins HIIT before will help! Hit heavy weights and make use of the extra glycogen stored in the muscle – there’s no Xmas present like a new PB!