Here are my top tips for losing some of the body fat you might be carrying around your waist.

It’s important to stress that everyone has a different body and what might work for some can not always be applied for others. However, I have tried to provide very generic points to give you a starting point.


The key to showcasing your abs is control of the food you consume and the calories you take in. Quite simply, you will gain, lose or maintain body weight based on your kcal intake i.e the type and quantity of the foods you eat.

If you eat above your calorie maintenance, you will put on weight regardless of the quality of food you consume – simple!

Kcal consumed – Kcal burnt = total daily kcal.

If your total kcal is:

1) Over your maintenance: you will gain weight
2) Under your maintenance: you will lose weight

You can find out the required Kcal to gain, maintain or lose weight by using a calorie calculator online.

Preserve your muscle

Continue to lift heavy and don’t fall into the trap of “high reps will make me toned”.

The word “toned” means your body fat is low enough to show muscle definition. You cannot train to tone your body, but you can train to lose bodyfat to show the muscle underneath.

In simple terms: high reps haven’t shown the definition, the drop in body fat has!

Cardio and abs

Abs like any other muscle should be trained, and trained like any other muscle.

Heavy reps – weighted crunches and leg raises are great examples. I tend to mix my rep range, but will try to incorporate an abs workout every other day. This consists of a mixture of heavy reps and higher reps with a focus on control and time under tension. Feel your abs contracting as you perform each exercise and squeeze as you would any other body part.

Perform cardio. If not only to keep fit and healthy and look after the most important muscle in your body, the heart. It’s a great way to put yourself into a kcal deficit to lose weight.


I tend to supplement when dieting as I find it gives me a great edge for my workout and also ensures I can preserve the muscle I have worked so hard to build. BCAA’s are fundamental to my plan, using them pre and intra Workout.

If you feel fatigued a pre workout can help to push you into the gym and ensure you push out the extra reps.


One of the most difficult elements of building your physique or bodybuilding is the balance between living in and out of the gym. I don’t advocate going out on a nightly basis and filling your kcal intake with tequila, but have a relaxed evening and a nice meal once a week. Not as a cheat meal, but as a reward for the work you have put in that week.

Guilt shouldn’t be felt – why build a great body if you can’t enjoy the life it lives?