Liam Browne is a Matrix Nutrition customer and gives us nearly daily updated of his gym workouts! But like anyone who is training, things don’t always go to plan. Recently he dislocated his shoulder

But, undeterred by injury and with a quest to become quadzilla, Liam got back down the gym and continued to train.

We caught up with him and this is what he had to say.

Explain your injury

It was an intense training session, picking up the pace every week on the run up to the season. We had done all of our footwork and install, next came the full contact tackling drill. I hadn’t done one of these yet this season due to recovering from a crushed neck and damaged nerves from a rugby match.

I went in for the tackle and something went wrong and I dislocated my shoulder. I spent the next 3 hours at the side of the pitch, in an ambulance and on a hospital bed, on gas and air and morphine, being scanned and X-rayed with my arm hanging out, before they finally popped it back. Have been told to completely rest it now and have another hospital appointment in 2 weeks time to assess movement.

Liam Browne linebacker
Image source: The Road to Recovery
Playing for the Doncaster Mustangs

What was your training like before the incident?

Before this all happened my training was all geared towards my American football. I trained 5 times a week. Max effort legs (Max 3 reps), Supplementary upper body, dynamic legs (Jumps and explosive movements), max effort upper body and a pump up session as a light recovery before training. All sessions included a cardio warm up and cool down.

What is your training like now?

Right now I am very limited to what I can do No upper body work at all, I have been told to rest the shoulder and keep it in a sling where possible. This has meant my legs have taken a hammering!

Liam browne doing legs
Image source: Road to Recovery
Legs, legs and more legs!

Although I can’t deadlift due to not being able to grip the bar and can’t squat since I can’t get my shoulder into position to hold the bar, I now train 4 times a week. I do heavy quadriceps and glutes, hamstrings and calves, single quads and glutes and single hamstring and calves.
I do need my training partner (My dad) to rack weights for me though. Cardio has also been increased and abs are worked at the start of each session.

Have you made any changes in diet or supplements?

Admittedly, I had a day or 2 feeling sorry for myself and not watching what I eat. Then I became determined to not let this beat me. I have lowered my calorie intake from 2500-3000 to 2000-2500.

I still use the same supplements I always use. Matrix Anabolic Gold in banana, BCAA, glutamine and for when I need that extra push I use the pre-workout Rage 2.0. Have also introduced glucosamine sulphate and green tea extract into my usual multivitamins to aid the joint repair and recovery, and help boost my metabolism.

When are you looking to get back to full fitness?

As soon as possible! I have another appointment in 2 weeks where I am hoping they will tell me to start moving my shoulder and begin rehab and physiotherapy. As for full fitness for American football, I am going to consult the doctors and take their advice on board, hoping to make the season but have come to terms with the fact I may not be ready in time.

Anything else?

I just want to thank everyone at Matrix Nutrition for encouraging and supporting me through the injury, helps to keep me motivated. Also a big thank you to everyone at Lister’s Universal Gym, where I train, nothing but support and encouragement.

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