bodybuilding workout diary
What happens in week 2?

It’s been a busy time for Liam and Corey, but they have kept us updated with their goings on.

This week we get a full 7 days of info (though day 7 is just plain lazy!)

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Target for the week

Carry on with German Volume Training


Today we hit our chests, as it is international chest day! Started adding a lot more decline today to help isolate the lower pecks.

Double chest selfie
Another Beavis selfie!


We trained back and biceps today. Was a massive sessions, had to stop mid rep on biceps as we got that much of a pump!


Trained shoulders today, finally pushing those 40kg dumbbells on shoulder press! Last week I said we are starting to see those boulder shoulders, now I can see them properly.


Today we trained legs and started doing German volume training on our legs it’s an absolute killer. 10×10 on every workout. The idea is to put your muscle under the maximum strain possible in order for it to repair and rebuild. it might be hard but its lways nice to come home to some massive meal!


Chest again today, started adding double chest every week with rest pause training to try and gain some strength gains!


We managed to do legs and cardio today. Was a killer session, especially after legs going into sprints is very very hard. Starting to smash our HITT training. On the plus side it’s always nice to come home to cool fajitas!

Chicken fajita mix
Full of protein and tasty too!


We have a cheat day every 9 days usually, but we decided to have one today after 7 days as we deserved it! Also it’s our rest day – so we’ve not done much today at all!