Beavis week 3
Week 3 of their Project X progress!

The latest post for the Beavis brothers

As usual, Sunday is rest day, and it’s at a place where all muscle heads know and love!

Target for the week

Start adding more compound exercises to our sessions.


Today we hit legs. We went heavy with 130kg squats and managed to smash 8 reps. Then we did a drop set on leg extension: 10×10 – German Volume training.


We trained chest today. We’re still isolating the lower peck and adding a lot more decline to our sessions to help try and shape the peck a little bit more!


Trained back today, started off with dead lifts, then into bent over row. Then used a few machines to isolate certain parts/muscles of the back.


Today I (Corey) trained shoulders, started off with 60kg military press, then on to shoulder press, lateral raises, front raises and rear deltoids 3/4×10-12 on all exercises. Liam’s started to feel ill earlier this week and as it’s caught up with him, he decided to have a rest.


Today we hit our legs again, only a short session as Liam is still feeling a bit off it. Just added squats and leg extensions pyramid sets on both just to get a nice burn!


On our weekend we have now started doing morning faster cardio, or HIIT training. Especially now we want to try and lean out; it seems to work best for us doing these sort of workouts.


It’s our rest day today, as Liam still isn’t well. Decided to go for a feast at Nando’s. Everyone loves that place right?