bodybuilder workout diaries
The first of many diary entries

When we started Project X we wanted to help young athletes, and we also wanted to gain a better understanding of their daily routines.

So we asked the Beavis Twins to give us a weekly workout diary, which will also include the odd tip, what they have been eating, what supplements they have been taking and their targets for the future.

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Target for the Week

To start adding HITT to our weekly training plan and start to cut down.


Today we trained chest and triceps. It was a great session including a lot of super-sets to get that pump on. Liam wasn’t able to go full on because he has a sore back from squats last week. Only managed to add 10 minutes of sprints today!

A quick post gym pic


We hit our shoulders hard today. Both of us finally shoulder pressing 38kg (dumbbells), and finally starting to see the boulder like shoulders everyone trains for!

We did 15 minutes intervals; one minute on, one minute off on the rower.

Beavis Double selfie
What is it with toilets and selfies?


Today we smashed out backs. We also changed it up and started doing German volume training which is 10×10, It isn’t easy.

But it’s always nice to go home and eat a nice steak!

Steak glaze
A lovely post-workout meal


Liam: Well, I’m still struggling to walk now. We hit legs this morning one of my hardest session for a while, again 10×10 on everything.


Friday – we had a day off today, and went food shopping, one of my favourite days of the week!

Saturday and Sunday

Normally we’d be training at the weekend, but we’ve been so busy with the photo shoot that we decided to have a quiet weekend!